Looking for it all in a Network Solution?  Next Generation Flareon Ultra SFN8522 and SFN8542 10/40GbE server adapters. Next Generation Flareon Ultra SFN8522 and SFN8542 10/40GbE server adapters


Solarflare's OpenOnload® is a Linux-based, open source, high-performance application accelerator that delivers lower and more predictable latency and higher message rates for TCP and UDP-based applications. It significantly enhances application performance by improving network 1/0 latency, bandwidth, and message rates, while reducing CPU utilization.


Today's traders are faced with not only implementing the lowest possible latency trading servers but also with the associated detailed measurement of the latency of the trades running on them. Detailed instrumentation has typically required costly hardware, however we enable performance instrumentation directly from our Flareon'''' Ultra server I/0 adapters.


SolarSecureTM is the first distributed, active security solution that is implemented within netwo. servers - the prime targets of cyber attacks. with SolarSecure, you can precisely record, capture, filter and block malicious traffic before it penetrates the server.

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Solarflare’s network applications enable services that accelerate, monitor and secure your network. Our software and hardware solutions can be deployed as part of perimeter defense, in each rack or on every server throughout the cloud or data center.